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Washington D.C. still cares about Roger Clemens while the rest of us have moved on

ImageBetween the NFL draft coming up, the end of the NBA's regular season, the NHL playoffs, baseball season starting, and your own lives the second trial involving former pitching great Roger Clemens seems to be generating giant pile of indifference.

Clemens is currently back in D.C. where he is being tried for having lied to Congress about using steroids during his career. Because one of the things professional liars are simply not going to stand for is being lied to.

It would seem that the baseball public has moved on from this episode, and generally feels that to prosecute this man is a giant waste of tax payer money. Did Clemens use PEDs in an era where everyone but the team's radio play by play man had a syringe in his man purse? Probably. Do we care? It feels that for a long time we did because to use PEDs clearly ruined the perception of being able to compare statistics from one generation of players to another. Now, however, we have accepted that this happened and just hope that maybe baseball's new anti-PED policy deters guys from using.

What we cared about were the numbers. Unlike any other sport baseball had the ability to be able to suggest that its numbers from one era could be compared to another. It was always a fallacy because things such as expansion, size of parks, increased teams, specialization, better technology, etc., always affected the overall performance.

Those changes affected numbers fractionally. A PED gave a player a stastical boost that was almost PlayStation-ish.

We have now accepted that players from the 'roid era just had numbers that were often cartoonish, most notably Barry Bonds' 73 home run season.

Congress and Clemens can do their dog and pony show while the vast majority of us have moved on and applied our own internal asterisk to his achievements.

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Juice Box

Congress needs to let Clemens burn for this. Ultimately you have to wonder how children watching sports stars making millions on drugs will affect kids. Its not good. Clemens is a high profile player that needs to be made an example of.

The Duke of Fort Worth

I agree. The Rocket needs to pay for his 'sports crime'. He's a cheat and so are the countless others that have used PEDs. He was special in his day but no way he gets as much milage out of his body without PEDs. I wish professional sports was more serious about catching these guys. It perverts the sport and sets an aweful example of how to get ahead.


I disagree. I think this story still has legs. Steroids in baseball, and professional sports, is wrong. Why Clemens thinks he can get away with flat out lying is a mystery to me. I hope the media continues to report on this. Real attention needs to continue to be put on this so it might help to discourage others from doint it.


As much as tax payers are spending on this; Clemens better get hit hard if (when) they find him guilty.


It's about lying to Congress. They get perturbed when they sense someone isn't telling them the truth. It doesn't matter if Clemens did or didn't use PEDs. Did he lie to Congress about it?


This is how they can fly planes into our buildings!!!

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