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What the *&^%$!? The Big Mac Blog wins an award

No_1_hat-p148757685469160504z8nb8_400NOTICE - THIS IS NOT AN APRIL'S FOOLS DAY GAG.

To all of those girls who blew me off in high school because I was a dorky, mouthy malcontent dork with glasses, a belly, a bad attitude, acne and no fashion sense ... HOW DO YOU LIKE ME NOW?! That's right, The Big Mac Blog and Mr. Toby Keith are killin' it ... Texas Style!

In something my fiction-fueled brain could not even make up, The Big Mac Blog was named the Best Blog in Texas. No. Seriously. I'm not kidding.

According to the 2011 Texas APME (Associated Press Managing Editor) Awards given out over the weekend ...

In the Class AAAA category of Best Blog: First, Mac Engel, Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Much to my relief, part of winning this award does not include being sold for slaughter.

To answer your question, "Did anyone else in the great state 'a' Texas actually submit an actual entry to this?" Yes. I know, I know ... I couldn't believe it, either.

To answer your other question,"Was this awarded based on hair?" Not that I am aware of, but it would make sense.

And, finally, "Has this has gone to his head?" Absolutely.

With my award, here is the to-do list:

1. Sue my enemies, all of 'em.
2. Sue my friends, all of 'em ... just in case No. 1 doesn't work out.
3. Win lottery.
4. Full body makeover, including manscaping, arm wax, neck wax, leg wax and bottom of foot wax, liposuction, Botox and blonde hair by a professional.
5. Sell all of my Asia records.
6. Hire either Scott Boras and or Drew Rosenhaus to comprise my new super agent team.
7. Buy dream car - a Pontiac Fiero.
8. Entice Markie Post to meet me for coffee. Her or Blair and or Natalie from the Facts of Life.
9. Land the interview I really, really want: Harrison Ford, and encourage him to let Jon Hamm take over as Indiana Jones.
10. Offer even more sports/pop culture news, observation, exclusive interviews sprinkled with a few typoes, grammaer, problems and self-promoting commentary you just can't find anywhere else.

 No1RibbonA sincere thank you to those who voted, as well as those who (drukenly?) gave me this platform, and a giant thanks to those of you who read my work. 

Now that The Big Mac Blog is a championship, award-winning blog ... there is a certain standard. And that standard is what the kids call, "Mac-tacularly Mac-tastic!"



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Goeff Downes

Don't sell your Asia albums


Ive been reading your blog for a very long time. Its pretty good. funny. good opinions. congrats on the award. Your readers like it. Keep up the good work.


If this not an April 1st joke, a great big congrats, Mac. Why in the HE!! would you want to meet those other chicks when you already have that hot looking Jen as a wife?

Rock, Scissors, Paper

You win. Game over and game on. Way to go. You have a great blog. You are most deserving.

...but the Pontiac Fiero...really?!?!??

Long time listener. First time caller.

Nice work. I didn't even know that award exsisted. Makes sense that it does. Sports blogs and Sport Blog Personalities is the wave of the future. Congratulations.

Christopher B Engel

Congrats on the award. I hope you don't smash it on a windshield like I did when I got an award; 3rd place blind school wrestling award.

Check out the new Buger King menu. And I still like Andy Rooney better. And you can really over due lipo suction. But if you have to make weight, do it. And I hate this wig I have to wear for my Kenny Rogers tribute show. Is Halloween on a thursday this year!????

Michael T Engel

I agree totally with the previous comment.

And Halloween falls on a Wednesday this year but will mostly likely be celebrated on Sunday.


this award that mac won is bogas...his wife wrties all his material here and in the paper.

Drew @ TCU

Keep blogging baby! Fort Worth loves you,

Darlene from Alabama

I can't tell you how happy I am for you. Love your blog. You are a good writer. Your stuff is usually pretty funny, entertaining, and has a point. Way to go! Keep blogging. Keep writing and enjoy every minute of it. Not everybody gets to do something they love and are good at for a career. Way to go!

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