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Who knew Texas A&M would play SEC games in North Carolina?

Amsect-shirtThis is not going to help Texas A&M's academic reputation but it may be consistent with that of SEC academic powers Arkansas, Ole Miss, et all.

If you have not already seen this, this new T-shirt (briefly) hit shelves to celebrate Texas A&M's move to the Southeastern Conference.

As you can see, North Carolina has apparently joined the SEC. And Missouri has been kicked out. Typical for Mizzou; the Tigers get disrespected no matter where they are.

Now, given the way conferences are changing by the minute perhaps this t-shirt knows something we don't. Maybe Duke, NC State, Wake Forest and or North Carolina are planning to jump ship into the SEC.


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Clearly this shirt was created by a non SEC graduate.

Time to welcome the Aggies to the big time. SEC football (and education) is going to leave a mark.

Bob In Arlington

Missouri will do fine to stay within the Big 12 (or some number to be determined). They have the #1 high school player in their fold. Texas has more good high school players wanting a chance to play on the Big 12 fields.

I fear that A&M is going to find it tougher to compete in the Eastern States for high schools players that already are affiliated with other SEC schools.

They will miss the respect that the newspapers give to their new venue as they turn to focus on the Big 12 teams. They find that Texas parents may want their kids to stay closer to home where they will get to see they sons on local TV.

Recruiting of Texas players by the Aggies may have to offer a scholarship and a "Direct TV" connection?

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