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Why isn't he practicing?! Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo hits the White House party?


Less than a month into parenthood, new dad Tony Romo and his wife, Candice, managed to get away for a weekend of fun and attended the White House Correspondents' Dinner in Washington D.C. 

Couple things on this ...

It's nice to see Tony not have his hat on backwards for this event.

Thank God he isn't on the golf course. Because his golfing explains why he has only one playoff win.

There is no correlation between Tony Romo attending an offseason party in April and the Dallas Cowboys winning a game, or a Super Bowl.

This isn't a trip to Cabo the week before the playoffs.  





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Hail Mary

You want to improve the Dallas Cowboys Draft Day!?? Get more picks. You want more draft picks!??? Trade Tony Romo. He aint a winner and he is still good enough to garner 'some' interest around the league. TRADE ROMO!!!!!!!!!!

Rae M.

Sure there is no correlation between Tony Romo attending some glitzy, exclusive, A list party and us not wiining a playoff game. Just as there is no correlation between how hard Peyton Manning works in the offseason and his winning percentage. Yeah, I wouldn't read anything into it.


I'd this point I'd be willing to give another team draft picks to take Romo, as long as we got to keep Candice. She is a sweetie


Yeah they should trade the jerk because he obviously puts his family in front of football. He took a whole weekend off to do something special for his wife who just had a baby. Probably should blame her brother too since he was most likely the one who got them the tickets. Even worse he should've been hooking up with his coaches that weekend. I mean the team wasn't busy at all during draft weekend.

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