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Will you see it - The Three Stooges

The Hunger Games should win this weekend's box office for another week as the list of dogs before the real summer releases continues.

Namely, The Three Stooges the movie opens this weekend. As most of you know, hopefully, this originally was a TV show way, way back in the day in the age of black and white. This is not some rant against Hollywood's repeated inability to create original material

This film was created by the Farrelly brothers, the same guys who made "Dumb and Dumber" and "There's Something About Mary" the early reviews of this have been fairly positive.

The TV show was a riot; consider me skeptical the movie can even come close to some of those gags, not to mention the timing, created by that immortal trio.



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Soitenly!!! Nyuk Nyuk Nyuk!


There is no way I see this movie. Total garbage. I can't wait for Men in Black part 9 to come out!

Will from Haltom City

This one doesn't even look like something I would rent. Farrelly Brothers took a HUGE swing and a miss on this one.


Just saw the movie and loved it. The farrelly brothers nailed it dead on. I highly recommend it to any stooge fan. I was not disapointed. Funny as hell.

Brion Georges

"originally a TV show back in the day"? are you serious?


Saw it. Hated it. Acting terrible. Not funny. I've seen better production value with video shot with my I-phone. Waste of time. Waste of money.


You say there’s a dead horse on Ticonderoga Street?...How do you spell ‘Ticonderoga’?... Oh, you don’t know, either? Well, drag him over to First Street and call me back!


It was okay. For the money I should have seen Hunger Games again. Not bad though

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