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With the 14th overall pick in the 2012 NFL draft, the Dallas Cowboys select ....

MarkbarronNow that the Indianapolis Colts have ruined the suspense by announcing they will select Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck with the No. 1 overall pick in the NFL draft we can wonder whom the Dallas Cowboys professional NFL football team will take at No. 14 on Thursday night.

Their selection will be? Uhhh ..... ummm .... uhhh ... cough-cough ... I'll say Alabama safety Mark Barron. The way Alabama's defense is the Cowboys could take their third-string defensive end and come out with a good pro.

The beauty of predicting the draft is that you can high-five your friends when you nail a prediction. For instance, I knew the Colts were going to take Luck (it should be noted, I predicted this exact scenario when Indianapolis sports radio personality Jake Query announced that Peyton Manning was out of the year last August; call me Mr. Vegas).

The draft is such a giant crap shoot; it's like forecasting the weather, only with worse odds.

Here is a list of a ton of mock drafts.

FW Star-Telegram NFL expert Charean Williams says the 'Boys will take Alabama safety Courtney Upshaw. has the Cowboys taking Barron.

Because needs a mock draft, it says Barron as well. I was thinking they may go with Rick Santorum at a cornerback. also goes with Mark Barron. has the Cowboys taking Barron, or Upshaw or Stanford guard David DeCastro. says Barron. says Barron.

Finally, something different the Washington Post says South Carolina CB Stephon Gilmore.

Scouts Inc. on says the North Carolina DE Quinton Coples.

This thing on Yahoo! agrees with Charean and goes with Upshaw.

Sports Illustrated says Stanford's David DeCastro.


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Gary Bennett

And how can you make a reasonable prediction for the Cowboys at #14 when (a) they have so needs and (b) most years somebody unexpectedly good falls. What if one of the top defensive linemen, like Cox, Ingram or Coples (extremely talented but uneven motor) falls? Or perhaps they have their hearts set on Barron, but somebody trades up to grab him before their pick? For picks #1 and #2, it's certain; a couple of picks after that are definite blue chips that can't fall far; and after that, it quickly turns into a crap shoot.


You watch; Jerry Jones is gonna draft another dumb a** prima donna wide reciever.

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