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Worst of the week: Payback

IMG_0614ARLINGTON - For the second time in as many weeks The Worst of the Week goes not only to a truck, but an atrocious, self-important parking job.

Parking at the Ballpark on Opening Day is terrible, and every spot is precious. So what does the proud owner of this 75-foot, extended-extended-really extended pickup truck do? Why nudge his precious truck just enough into both parking spots so as to avoid another car needlessly parking behind him.

The normal person shakes their head, and finds another spot.

I am not a normal person. Fueled by irritation, the need to find a men's room, plus spiked with the security of driving a car with a handful of scratches and 124,000 miles, I pulled in any way.

IMG_0615It reminds me of the great song by Megadeth, "This day we fight!"



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