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Worth a look: Showtime's "The Franchise" falls into the Miami Marlins & Ozzie Guillen's suspension

This may not have received the type of reality TV buzz normally reserved for HBO's/NFL Films "Hard Knocks" series, or that network's 24/7 series, but Showtime and MLB have jumped into bed to do something similar with "The Franchise".

Click here for the website.

Showtime is following the Miami Marlins, which in the offseason completely transformed its franchise with a new ballpark, a new manager and some big-time free agent additions.

Showtime is airing a special debut episode at 8 p.m. central this evening. 

This show received a serious boost when manager Ozzie Guillen does as Ozzie does and made his now infamous comments about Cuban leader Fidel Castro. The cameras were there to chronicle this whole thing.

Here is a clip of Ozzie being suspended:


I love me some Ozzie Guillen primarily because the man will say anything, and hopefully this little screwup does not prevent Ozzie from being Ozzie.


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