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Worth the hype: Salsa Fuego in Fort Worth

SalsaFuegoFORT WORTH - Proving word of mouth may yet be the single greatest advertiser that exists, Salsa Fuego in Fort Worth is one of the rare places that is better than the hype.

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This place is a Tex-Mex score. 

I had heard about the burgers here for forever and finally sampled the Guacomole Burger that includes grilled jalapenos, sliced tomato, roasted jalapeno mayo, and lots of guac'.

IMG_0689This may be the greatest hamburger sans cheese that has ever been created. I love this hamburger. I want to have this hamburger's babies. The bun is sweet, almost like the buns used at Dutch's Burger in Fort Worth. The jalapenos are fresh, and this particular batch provided a nice, but subtle punch. Nothing too overpowering.

I also sampled the brisket tacos, which were also a solid score. The brisket was tender, and fell apart on contact. Not dry at all.

Do not go expecting the world's greatest decor. It is fairly no-frills. The service, however, was good. I have heard this place can get full quick, and the small dining room doesn't provide for ample seating opportunities. There is an outdoor seating area.

My only disappointment is that I failed to try every single thing on the menu. That's on me. I gotta be better.

Salsa Fuego
3520 Alta Mere Drive
Fort Worth, Texas 76116


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