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You haven't done Fort Worth/Dallas dining until you hit the Chef Point Cafe

Chef_point-restaurantWAUTAGA, Texas - Dedicated core foodies or devoted restaurant people know about the Chef Point Cafe in Watauga. Given it's location, this may not be the type of place you just know.

Both Paula Deen and Guy Fieri have visited Chef Point Cafe and brought well-deserved attention to the greatness that is this gas station restaurant. 

If you have not made the trip from anywhere in the greater North Texas region to Chef Point Cafe, add it to your bucket list. Look past the fact that it is indeed located in an actual gas station and you will soon learn about this unique created of Franson Fwaeze and Paula Merrell.

Parking may not be plentiful, but seating is more than adequate that is complimented by modern decor. 

The food, however, rocks. The menu is rather large, which usually is a turn off, but it does not appear there are any losers here.

IMG_0611I ordered the duck from the pasta menu. Served with angel hair pasta, you really don't need that to enjoy a bird that can often be dried out and ruined quickly. My first thought was - this must have been a fairly fat duck. Lightly covered in the chef's special original duck sauce, this was an outstanding alternative from your traditional meats. Moist, and not too sweet.

It should be noted that the cheddar burger and the stuffed chicken came highly recommended as well.

For desert, I tried the Bread Pudding. Again, not a bread pudding fan until finishing off this desert that combines just enough sugar, sweetness and has a solid yet creamy consistency.

IMG_0612Chef Point Cafe is well worth the trip, and very likely a lot more than once.

Chef Point Cafe
5901 Watauga Road
Watauga, Texas 76148



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Never had. But looks excellent. I'm quiting my job, leaving the office right now, and going there to eat like a pig.

(You should include a coupon to these restaurants in your articles)


The food is amazing. If you like good food, Chef Point is for you. Love it. Eat it. Pray about it. Best food ever!


You wrote about it and I ate it. Fun-tastic for me, the wife, and the whole family. Great food. Great prices. Great times.

Good Eating

The chedder burger is stupid good. It's a must have.


Ugh...the most overrated place in DFW. The novelty of being inside a gas station only goes so far - the food is just not that good, and is totally drowning in sauces. No thanks.

Richard S. from Lake Worth

Best food in Fort Worth -- LOVE IT!!

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