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A U.S. rhythmic gymnast critiques Will Ferrell's performance in "Old School"

DALLAS - Picking just one scene from "Old School" is almost as tough as finding a wide-audience hook for rhythmic gymastics. Mathematical impossibility.

But Will Ferrell's performance as a rhythmic gymnast in Old School may be comic genius, it sadly won't win gold.


According to U.S. women's rhythmic gymnast Julie Zetlin, Ferrell bombed.

Zetlin"People ask me about that all the time: 'Do you do what Will Ferrell did in 'Old School'?" she said. "He was very, very bad. Let's just put it this way - I don't run around swinging my ribbon all over the place and flailing my legs and arms everywhere. I'd love to have a conversation (with Ferrell) about that scene."

Doesn't matter. Ferrell needs a spot on the U.S. rhythmic gymnastics team. Ratings record.


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