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Burger review: Ray's Corner Store Burgers

IMG_0805FORT WORTH - The search for the best burger in the world takes us now to a convenient store. On the window of Ray's Grill it reads "Voted Best Burger". Looks legitimate enough.

It reminds me of the scene in "Elf" when Will Ferrell's character, Buddy, finds the world's best cup of coffee.

The interior of this place is an actual convenient store. 

The man behind the counter was very gracious, and assured me that as a first-time customer I had to order the burger. 

Was not disappointed. Ray's is a "complete", inexpensive burger experience. The beef itself is fine, but with the soft bun mashed down and with pickles, lettuce, tomato, cheese and mayo the whole thing is what a cheap burger should be: Greasy, a little messy, and good. The fries, which are well seasoned, are a solid addition.

This is not a high end burger experience, like a Salsa Fuego, but Ray's is large step above McDonalds or another fast food joint. Stop here before one of those places.

Ray's Corner Store Burgers
1945 8th Ave, Fort Worth, TX 76110

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