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Cheerleader chat replay: TCU showgirl is a finalist for Dallas Cowboys cheerleader spot

ImagesGetting ready to take a break and thought I would leave you with this: TCU Showgirl Jordan Daigle has made it through a series of cuts to earn an invite to the Dallas Cowboys' cheerleaders training camp. Also included in this is former TCU Showgirl Kelsey Bond (these two are pictured here from a Sports Illustrated shoot way back when).
About 400 women roughly began, and now 45 women have made it to this training camp.
Daigle joined The Big Mac Blog for a chat back on November 10, 2011: 

Name: Jordan Daigle
Major: Broadcast Journalism
Hometown: Plano, Texas
Favorite place to eat in Fort Worth?: Sushi Axiom. Love the Tower of Pisa!
Favorite movie: Wedding Crashers and now Bridesmaids.
Favorite pro sports team:Cowboys, Mavericks, and the Rangers. Typical Texas girl, I suppose.

The Big Mac Blog: Most embarrassing song on your iPod?
Jordan Daigle: Pokemon theme song. I have no idea why it is on there.

Visinsky_TCU-(13)The Big Mac Blog: How long does it take you to get ready for a game?
Jordan Daigle: Well about an hour before game day practice and an hour after practice.  So I guess 2 hours in all. I never quite feel completely ready though. There is always something to be touched up!

The Big Mac Blog: How long does it take you to get ready to go out with your friends?
Jordan Daigle: Depends on who you ask, I think I probably take an hour 1/2. However, someone like my boyfriend would probably disagree with that. In his mind I take forever!

The Big Mac Blog: Finish this sentence: Sex and the City is ... :
Jordan Daigle: Not my "all time favorite show ever!" Surprisingly, I never got into. I did see the first movie though and was entertained.

P182943940-4The Big Mac Blog:
Most embarrassing moment performing?

Jordan Daigle: One time I completely blanked during a halftime performance. I thought that was pretty embarrassing. I just kind of pranced around. I definitely heard one of the girls say "what are you doing?" as she passed me mid dance. Still, not quite sure what I looked like. I'm sure my mom has it on video somewhere.

The Big Mac Blog: Ever been injured performing?
JD: Besides the accidental/usual pom pom smack in the face, no :)

The Big Mac Blog: Is TCU joining the Big 12 good, or should it have stayed in the Big East?
Jordan Daigle: DEFINITELY GOOD! I cannot wait to be a fan at those games. Kind of wish I had one more year of Showgirls, but hey I did get to experience the Rose Bowl and the Super Bowl, so I am very fulfilled.

6a00e54f7fc4c58833015436c4dafa970c-250wiThe Big Mac Blog: How do you remain interested, or cheer, in a blowout?
Jordan Daigle: 
Well haven't experienced one yet. Or well actually I guess at a few basketball games. I mean it is still entertaining to watch even if we are losing. We are also constantly moving around so games go by relatively fast.

The Big Mac Blog: If a Genie granted you three wishes, what would you wish for?
Jordan Daigle: Well, I would really like to be transported to a beach right now, have a full week of spa treatment, and have an unlimited supply of Betty Crocker funfetti Cupcakes. 





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