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Conflict of interest much? ESPN personality Erin Andrews dating Tony Romo's brother in law

Chace-Crawford-Erin-Andrews-Dating-New-Couples-PHOTOSNot that ESPN "reporter" Erin Andrews does much with the NFL - she's more of a college football/basketball personality - her newest beau will likely prevent her from being allowed to cover news about professional ball. Because ESPN would never green light such an obvious conflict of interest such as this ...

Turns out, Ms. Andrews is rather fond of Mr. Chace Crawford, who is a brother to Candice Crawford, who is married to Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo. Maybe, finally, both Romo and the Cowboys will get a little press coverage.

 The world renowned news source, US Weekly, is "reporting" Mr. Crawford & Ms. Andrews are an item.

In this picture Crawford looks like one of those extras from one those vampire movies. You know .... the one with the good looking cast all pretending to be angry about how hot they are. That one.

First thought about this ground-breaking story ... two words: Cradle. Robber. 

Andrews is 34, which in TV years for a female sports reporter is closer to 50 (not trying to be mean, just the truth). Crawford, who starred on the Blake Lively TV show Gossip Girl, is 26. Way to go, Erin! If you can't defeat age with surgery, do it with a young man/woman draped over your arm. 

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Orange Julius

ESPN wouldn't know a conflict of interest if it were asked to report on it.

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