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Dallas Stars coach thinks New York Rangers are the team to win it all

Glen+Gulutzan+2011+NHL+Entry+Draft+Round+One+lGUReoP4lm6lDALLAS - Call Dallas Stars head coach Glen Gulutzan an expert on the L.A. Kings and Phoenix Coyotes, a tiny bit less so regarding the New York Rangers and New Jersey Devils. 

He saw the Kings and Coyotes about 100 times during the regular season. He saw the Devils twice and the Rangers once.

These are the NHL's Final Four. Glen is going with the New York Rangers to win this thing.

"(LA Kings coach Darryl Sutter's) system is to hunt. They are going to hunt you until they beat you. That is what they are doing right now," Gulutzan said. "They are putting on pressure until they are wearing you down. ...

"Just looking at this, the Rangers have more depth than anybody else. So if it's the Rangers/L.A. I just think, if you go past the first two lines of L.A., the bottom two lines the Rangers can put out a better bottom two lines. If it gets into a real grind, two-way hockey series, the Rangers have more. And the Rangers have Henrik Lundqvist, and the Kings have Jonathan Quick, so that's a wash. It's going to come down to depth." 

An L.A vs. New York Stanley Cup Finals, after which Gary Bettman should immediately retire. Never will his league enjoy higher ratings.


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