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Does Rick Carlisle's new contract include a guard from New Jersey?

20120507_kkt_an4_438_extra_large_largeIn the first move of what should be one of the busiest summers in recent memory for the Dallas Mavericks, the team re-signed "free agent" head coach Rick Carlisle to a new contract today.

Had to be done. He wins. A lot.

Per Star-Telegram Mavs' "man" Dwain Price, this is a four-year deal. Carlisle was paid $4.5 million last season.

Despite radically different rosters with the Pistons, Pacers and Mavericks, Carlisle consistently wins games. He is 479-325 in his career with an NBA title.

How much more successful he will be with the Mavs for the forseeable future largely depends on what other moves are made this summer.

Hopefully Carlisle has a "Deron Williams" out clause in his contract, or something to that effect. As good of a head coach as Carlisle is, this is a player's league. If the Mavs don't acquire a D-Will, or another high caliber scorer and a more legit interior presence, Carlisle won't make it the duration of this deal.

Keeping Carlisle around is a positive first step for the Mavs this offseason, but now it's time to start adding players.

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Coach C is the best we've had in Dallas since I don't know when. He needs a few new stallions to contend. He is a great great coach.

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