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Popcornflix VP & entertainment exec says quality no longer is paramount in movies but relevance

Popcornflix-577x466-1-300x242If you are so inclined, give this website a shot: It's a free movie site with with thousands of titles available for streaming.

This is a relatively new site, and now offers free Apps for your iPhone, other Mac products, and the Droid is coming.

Don't expect Netflix, but it is free. This site isn't loaded with familiar titles; it says it's most popular releases are "Easy", "Dead Tone", "24th Day" and "Cyborg 3: The Recycler", etc. Again, let me remind this is a free site.

One of the founders of Popcornflix, Gary Delfiner, is what he calls himself a "recovering movie producer". Delfiner is the senior VP for Screen Media Ventures, which runs Popcornflix.  He was on the groundfloor of Aaron Spelling's distribution on video if Beverly Hills 90210 and Twin Peaks.

He recently made a stop by The Big Mac Blog to talk about the future of home entertainment.

I-120429729The Big Mac Blog: In terms of the price of going to see a movie, or paying for it for home viewing, are we apt to see a spike? 
Gary Defliner: My platform is free, and that's a good price we think. There is no barrier to watch. It's all ad revenue. The other services like iTunes or Netflix, have great models. The ability for one price and all you can eat is a service people want.
Where we are going is more specialized services. You may see an all opera service, or an all foreign films service. But in terms of price point, this is right where it's going to be. In some cases it's going to go up, and in some cases down but it's going to be incremental.

The Big Mac Blog: Can you see a day when a movie theatre is obsolete?
Gary Delfiner: No, but I see a can when it's changed even more. You are going to pay for more of a first class seat like you would get on an airlines. You are going to see fewer and fewer multi plexes, but the theater experience will always be around. But you are going to see more digital, and more films delivered by satellite.

The Big Mac Blog: Then what should we expect from Hollywood in the next 10 years?
Gary Delfiner: More fragmentation. You are already seeing it in that there is a fairly big gap between The Transformers and The Avengers and everything else. After day 1 of Avengers, the studio announced two and three.
The other thing is I don't use good or bad to describe a movie. I say relevant, not good, not bad. Relevant. Good or bad no longer have any value from my point of view as a person in a company that is on the cutting edge of this business. There is so much content, and so few barriers for entry, that what you need is relevant content. Are you producing something that a big audience wants to see that supports the business model?

MV5BMTY5NDkyNzkyM15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNDQyNDk0Mw@@._V1._SY317_CR0,0,214,317_The Big Mac Blog: Considering that, what movie made 20 years ago would never be made today?
Gary Delfiner: Something with a big star, like Julia Roberts, "Eat, Pray, Love". That would never find an audience today.

The Big Mac Blog: That was just a couple of years ago.
Gary Delfiner: Right, and it didn't have an audience then. The expensive, $50 million drama wouldn't be made today. Big action? You bet your life. An explotation movie? Bet your life. The technology is driving the business model.

The Big Mac Blog: In terms of your site, Hulu, Netflix and others, what can they do that they aren't already?
Gary Delfiner: Sites like Hulu and Netflix are doing this now and creating their own content. Why do I keep HBO? Because I like Game of Thrones. I'm willing to pay the freight on HBO because that (hour) is worth it to me. People are going to pay for what they want to watch.


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