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Former Southlake Carroll QB tells world how New Orleans Saints LB Jonathan Vilma learned of suspension

Chase-daniel812jpg-3ec534ee3086eae8_largeHow former Southlake Carroll Dragons QB Chase Daniel is on an an NFL roster, let alone listed as the primary backup behind Drew Brees in New Orleans, remains almost as mystifying as the crop circles.

Chase Daniel is listed at 6-0, which means I am roughly 7-foot-2. But good for him, the power of positive thinking, and being a pro. These traits can get your far. Can't hate, even though he attended Missouri Junior Technical College.

Today, the Saints backup QB was like the rest of his teammates who learned of the penalties levied by the NFL against the players involved in Bounty Gate.

* LB Jonathan Vilma is out of for the year
* DE Will Smith gets four games
* DE Anthony Hargrove, who is now with the Packers, gets eight games
* LB Scott Fujita, who is now with the Browns, gets three games. 

Turns out the NFL didn't call linebacker Jonathan Vilma to tell him directly. What form of communication did the NFL use to tell a player he was out of for the year? The NFL could have used:

- Text
- Email
- US postal service
- FedEx
- Message in a bottle
- Singing telegram
- Courier pigeon

Nope. According to Chase Daniel's Twitter account, @ChaseDaniel, "I was standing right next 2 @jonvilma51 when he found out abt his suspension ON @SportsCenter. Really? He has to find out about it that way?"

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So what? It is not like he wasn't expecting some kind of discipline. Did he give the offensive players notice of intent to harm when he put up the bounty money? No. Really? They had to hear about it when they were knocked out or carted off. No sympathy for Vilma. Quit trying to suck up Clay. Worry about your NFL colleagues who have been harmed by your team.

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