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Friday night Rangers ballpark showdown: C.J. Wilson vs. Yu Darvish

141125670_extra_largeThe thrill and rarity of Texas Rangers' outfielder Josh Hamilton's 54 home run performance (that's what it feels like now) earlier this week in Baltimore has created a buzz over baseball that we aren't even paying attention to how bad Albert Pujols has been sucking. BTW - Albert is batting .198 with 1 HR, 11 RBI this season.

According to the Internet Machine, the Rangers are talking about signing Hamilton to a 75-year contract worth $3 trillion. Again, that's what it feels like now.

Aside from Hamilton talk, in case you didn't know, the Anaheim Angels are coming to Texas for their first series of the season against the Rangers beginning Friday. 

This doesn't happen often, like almost never, but Friday night's scheduled pitching matchup is the rare matchup of the guy you had vs. the guy you have:

C.J. Wilson (4-2, 2.61 ERA) vs. Yu Darvish (4-1, 2.54 ERA)

Even though Wilson was instrumental in the Rangers' success in each of the past two seasons as a starter, by the time he hit free agency last winter fans sounded tired of his "Speed Racer, Most Interesting Man in the World" persona. There was a "Good riddance" feeling to his departure, which was bolstered by a pair of unimpressive post season performances. And then there was the fact he Tweeted out former teammate Mike Napoli's cell phone number.

Not sure I could get away with posting this video about C.J. Wilson on, but here is a link to a pretty funny ad selling C.J. Wilson ... uhhh ... ummm ... products for women.

He may rub you wrong because he can sound a bit too cool for school, but the man is a solid innings eater who doesn't get hurt.

When the Rangers said goobye to Wilson they obviously did so with the knowledge they were going to make a serious run at Yu, who so far in his MLB career looks like he can be a dominating starting pitcher.

But the Rangers didn't make this swap for April through September, but specifically October.


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