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Have to wonder how much TCU's success factored in to the firing of SMU AD Steve Orsini

Steve-orsini-smSMU may rank ahead of TCU in academic standings, but the Ponies' inability to match what their cross-town rival has done in athletics likely helped get an AD fired.

The Ponies fired AD Steve Orsini today, only a few weeks after he hired Larry Brown as its men's basketball coach.

Even though SMU has a new football stadium, a winning football team with a head coach who clearly knows what he is doing, it has not translated into the type of off-the-field success the school obviously wants after sinking so much money into the public relations tool that is college athletics.

According to this story in The SMU Daily Campus a few weeks ago, SMU's losses are staggering - around $113 million. That's a lot of green, even at SMU.

It is not uncommon for athletic departments to lose money; financial losses in the athletic department are justified as part of the public relations arm of a school. It's a risky formula, but it has worked for TCU.

TCU is enjoying a level of national notoriety in a way it never has before. The Frogs are seeing a tangible return on their investment. SMU has spent millions, but have the perception and popularity of the private school in Dallas changed much in the past decade? Maybe a little but certainly not enough to justify the expense.

Regardless of academic rankings, this power shift can't be easy to watch if you are an SMU alum or administrator. 

Baylor may not be better than SMU, but the Bears are in the Big 12.
TCU is supposed to be the poor man's SMU, but the Frogs are in the Big 12. The Frogs just announced they slold out their 30,000 season ticket allotment.

How does this happen?

As many improvements as the Ponies made under Orsini, it hasn't been enough. Everything feels like it was just a moment too late, from the hiring of June Jones to moving into a Big East Conference that now looks nothing like it did one year ago.

So now SMU fires its AD, which itself feels too late.

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Maybe its all the drug and sexual assault charges the school tries to sweep under the rug that keep the ponies down.

Craig James Killed 5 Hookers While at SMU!

Maybe it's the dead hookers?

No Name No Slogan

I blame Craig James

UT15648 AEX

Where is the Iron Skillet again?

Big Mac

Poor man's SMU? Mac probably hasn't looked at the record breaking applications for admission at TCU. He hasn't seen the brand new campus or brand new stadium. I live in Dallas, but this is typical Dallas bias against things they don't really know.


Yes, the poor man's SMU. A new commons area does not a new campus make. They hold classes in temporary buildings for crying out loud- I thought those were reserved for middle schools. Even so, I'm pretty sure the author wasn't really talking about where the university spends money, but rather the common perception(unless you live in ft worth) that TCU is for people who couldn't get into SMU.


Who wants to attend a school where Craig James killed 5 hookers?

James Patrick

No interest, ability or success in terms of revenue generation despite spending lavishly on Jones and Doherty. Empty stands at Moody and Ford embarrassed SMU and didn't seem a concern for Orsini. President got tired of getting blamed for these shortcomings because Orsini would constantly throw him under the bus.

Obey the Frog

Guys, guys, guys... it's never been proven that CRAIG JAMES KILLED FIVE HOOKERS AT SMU. Not once. Let's be fair.


Mr. Engel: "Notoriety" does not mean what you think it means. Someone who writes for a living should know better. Notoriety is what you receive when you are infamous. It is linked to the word "notorious." It does not mean attention or fame.

Brad Mitchell

Hey guys you better leave Mr. Engel alone or his wife will get onto you! The bottom line is TCU is doing it the right way and SMU isn't. What TCU does and what SMU does aren't related. Having said that, I say this, these schools are more similar in nature than they are different. Both are private institutions where alot of kids with rich parents attend, unless you are and athlete.

Brad Mitchell

So should the title of the article read? SMU jealous over TCU's success? Does this mean they will start paying players again? Smu should focus on Smu. Heck even the Cowboys don't play in Dallas anymore. They too have left Dallas County for Tarrant County. I grew up in Ft. Worth and remember when TCU was terrible. When they go to the Big 12 this year they will be lucky to win 1/2 of their games folks, so let's not get too excited. When that happens does it mean Patterson will give back 1/2 of the money he stole while he was beating up on weaker competition?

Brad Mitchell

James may not have done what was listed above, but he admitted to taking money while at smu. Now he is running for U.S. Senator, who would have thought that he was preparing himself for a future political career. His campaign slogan could be, "Hey, I took money under the table before and I kept quiet about it." Vote for me I am ready to do the same thing again as your U.S. Senator from Texas.

"The" OSU

Braaaaaaaaad, be sure and come back on with an empty stomach this December, when TCU is again in the top ten at the end of the year, so you can eat your words!!!!!!!

Leroy Smith

TCU beat weaker opponents? Utah killed Alabama, Frogs 16-3 vs AQ schools including Clemson, Stanford, USC, and beating Wisconsin at the Rose Bowl (greatest trip of my life).
Have you even looked at a sports page in the last 10 years? Frogs are picked to place 2nd this year in the Big 12 by professionals that do this for a living.

Leroy Smith

Man, i hope the rumor is true that Notre Dame is considering joining the Big 12 due to the new Jan 1 Bowl agreement with SEC.

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