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How do you like me now? Former Dallas Stars coach & goalie in Western Conference Finals

Mag_bf_tippett05_600So maybe the Pacific Division was not the very worst, or second worst, division in the NHL during the regular season.

How else to explain that the L.A. Kings will face the Phoenix Coyotes in the Western Conference Finals?

The five teams with 100 or more points during the regular season in the West - St. Louis, Nashville, Detroit, Chicago, Vancouver - are all out.

L.A. or Phoenix will play for the Stanley Cup. Wonder which one NHL boss Gary Bettman wants? He is looking at a possible L.A./New York Finals.

Former Dallas Stars head coach Dave Tippett & former Stars goalie Mike Smith have the Coyotes in the West Finals after defeating the Predators 4-1 in their West Semi series.

It is the second time Tippett has led a team to the West Finals; the other came with the Stars in 2008.

Perhaps even more remarkable is the fact the team is on the brink of being bought away from the NHL; the former Sharks CEO plans to buy the Coyotes and keep them in Phoenix.

How are the Kings and Coyotes here? Because they have the two best goalies in the game in the playoffs.

Mike Smith has two shutouts, a 1.77 goals against average and a .948 save percentage.

Jonathan Quick has one shutout, a 1.55 GAA and a .949 save percentage.

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