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In a state of denial: 30 Rock to end after next season knew this day would come, and there is no good time for something like this, but 30 Rock will be going away after next season.

It seems that Tina Fey, some of the writers, and Alec Baldwin all likely have a few more things they would like to do.

According to the New York Times, 30 Rock will have one final, 13-episode season.

This is going out on top. The writers and creators must have sensed there was no way to go but down.

30 Rock was very slow to find its audience, but thanks to a slew of awards  and a few NBC execs who must have enjoyed it, it has become one of the most respected shows on TV.

How it lasted for seven seasons despite such shaky beginnings, especially on a network that drop shows just minutes into the pilot, is admirable.

There hasn't been a comedy on free TV this funny since Seinfeld. 

I am totally depressed.


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Doesn't bother me. I've never watched a single episode of 30 Rock or Seinfeld. Watched portions and never thought they were even midly amusing. If I want funny I'll go watch reruns of All In the Family or Dharma & Greg or go to my DVD collection of Fawlty Towers, Good Neighbors, Abbot & Costello or Black Adder.

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