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Is Kevin Durant, not LeBron, the best player in the game?

After watching the OKC Thunder kick the defending NBA champion Mavericks to the curb in the first round of the playoffs it was quickly apparent the Thunder are all grown up.

While LeBron and DWade are getting killed nationally for their performance against the Indiana Pacers, Kevin Durant has become as clutch as any player in the league. He is a very bad, bad man.

On Saturday night in L.A. with the game tied at 98 against the Lakers, Durant calmly drilled this monster 3 against Metta World Artest to win the game.


Not sure if the Thunder will have enough to get past Los Spurs, but the series should be compelling.


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LeBron has the best body in the league. He is a monster. When he really wants it, LeBron is the best. The problem is; Lebron doesn't REALLY want it as often as other super stars. As far as talent goes; he is the best. As far as a player in the game, he is 2nd or 3rd.


Kevin Durant is the best player especially if you compare him to Lebron simply by the fact he has the "kill" factor. Ask Kobe and Mike what the "kill" factor is, and they will tell you a player can't be considered the best without it, regardless of their physical attributes. I heard someone say if Lebron wanted it bad enough he would be the best, that is like saying if I wanted to be 7 feet I could, I am not and Lebron can't just want the "kill" or killer, you either have it or you don't. Also, its nothing to have the "kill" if you don't have the physically talent, Durant has both which is what makes him special and the best. People forget the year Durant was drafted they had only won 20 games the previous year, they have been perenial winners since, which speaks volumes and begs the essential best-playe-argument that he makes others around him better.

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