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Mike Krzyewski doesn't rule out Lamar Odom for the Summer Olympic team

6a00d8341c506253ef0133f40ca191970b-600wiDALLAS - The Dallas Mavericks' presence on the U.S. men's basketball team in London will likely be limited to trainer Casey Smith.

That won't move the needle, but remember that Smith was the trainer for the U.S. national team when Tyson Chandler was on that team two summers ago. It was Smith who worked with Chandler, and was able to see first hand that the center was completely healthy. Without Smith's presence, the Mavs may not have traded for Chandler. Without Chandler, there is no Mavs' NBA title.

The only other guy from the Mavs who could potentially be on this 2012 U.S. Olympic team is Lamar Odom, who now is no longer with the Mavs because he quit. Or was cut. Sorry.

Even though Lam Lam hasn't played in a couple of months when the Mavs dumped him, and an argument can be made he never really played at all during the 2011-'12 NBA season, he remains in the pool of candidates to represent the U.S. in men's basketball at the 2012 Games in London.

The Kardashians in London ... pass the barf bag.

I asked U.S. men's coach Mike Krzyewski if Lam Lam was still on the table, and the answer is very much that Odom is among the pool of 18 players considered for a final spot.

"Definitely; Lamar has been a part of our pool. Guys that have competed they earn equity," Coach K said. "Lamar was our second leading scorer in Istanbul. We would not have won the World Championships without him. I think, for most players, there are certain bumps and certain things happen throughout their career. They aren't playing well, they are hurt, and we'll get a chance to determine his status when we start training camp. He is a part of our pool and we have a great relationship with Lamar."

The final cut down to 12 players will be July 7.

If Odom makes the team, which given his height, verstality and international experience there is a good chance he will, we will be able to see just how much he tanked it with the Mavs.


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You have got to be kidding!

Rewarding this malcontent for how he acted and "played" for the Mavs? Only in America!


I'll gouge myself in the eye with a fork if that happens.

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