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Morris Claiborne needs to be a Day 1 starter for the Dallas Cowboys

Photo2IRVING, Texas - With all due respect to Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett, the man is full of it. A couple of days before the NFL draft, Garrett said no one can be expected to be a starting player in the NFL from Day 1. Bull blank.

If the Dallas Cowboys dealt a second round pick to move up to draft LSU defensive back Morris Claiborne and don't expect him to be a Day 1 starter something is terribly wrong. The way the NFL is today with such rapid turnover a player like this needs to be on the field immediately.

Despite an injured wrist that still requires a cast, Claiborne did practice a little with his rookie teammates on the first day of Cowboys rookie camp. Claiborne said the pins will come out next week.

"I was holding myself back. The whole time I wanted to get out there," Claiborne said. "I see this is all about business and all about work, as it should be."

Brandon Carr and Claiborne should be the opening day starters at corner with Mike Jenkins as a nickel. As much as I personally like Jenkins and believe in his ability, the man has a hard time staying healthy and Carr and Claiborne should be upgrades.

"I'm going go out and work hard and try to earn a spot on this team," Claiborne said. "It's a goal to start. Who wouldn't want to start?"

As Bill Parcells said, "Don't get in the way of progress."

Unless Claiborne is injured, to put either Carr or Jenkins in front of him is impeding development that is crucial to this team's success.


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Blue Turth

..And make sure Mo that you kiss "Smac's" butt because remember its all of about HIM and his media brethren. The same media who mis-quote and mis-represetn words from players mouths all the time.

Where is Keysahwn when you need him...

Red Dawn

Let the kid play. Claiborne is young, good corner, and fast. I don't see how you don't start him. I think Jerry & Company can afford to not start him. Next is year is going to be a bust, Claiborne better be good.

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