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NFL to Cowboys WR Dez Bryant: Wear thigh pads

Dez-bryant-max-faulkner-fort-worth-startlegramjpg-1e7c7ed84568314b_display_imageThis won't affect the concussion crisis the NFL is dealing with these days, but the league has announced that its players no longer can keep going with this sleek, light look that could be leading to other injuries.

At the NFL owners meeting today, the league is mandating players must wear thigh and knee pads. The rule, which likely will have to be agreed to by the union, would go into effect for the 2013 season.

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This is notable for your local professional Dallas Cowboys football club because one of its starting wide receivers, Dez Bryant, doesn't do thigh pads. A lot of players don't because they want to feel lighter.

Bryant suffered a thigh bruise in Week 1 of the 2011 season that may have been prevented had he been wearing pads. Bryant missed the second game of the season with that injury.


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Who Shot JR?

I think a new rule should be that Jerry Jones is required to play but with no helmet. Hopefuly he would see first hand that we have no shot at winning next season.


They should not have to be mandated to wear them in the first place.

Common sense should tell them to.

Meat Wagon

I miss the days of leather helmets with no face mask.

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