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Oops: TCU AD Chris Del Conte unintentionally confirms Big 12 expansion chatter

TPDelConteMr. Chris Del Conte may have pushed the envelope a bit too far this morning, and God love him for it. TCU isn't even an official member of The Big 12, but that did not prevent the TCU director of athletics from speaking as if he is conference comissioner DeLoss Dodds.

Del Conte is in Lubbock this morning speaking to a Committee for Champions breakfast on the Texas Tech campus. According to Chris Level, who is the publisher of and a co-host of a radio show on 104.3 FM in Lubbock; he Tweeted that Del Conte said that the once dead Big 12 "now has schools like Florida State, Clemson and Miami trying to get in."

This is called a confirmation, and it's actually on the record.

UPDATE: Per the Star-Telegram's Stefen Stevenson, Del Conte's comments were a reference to the rumor mill, not confirming school's interest in the Big 12.

DahucheerBefore Del Conte let fly this winner all of the Big 12 expansion talk had been either rumor, or the ramblings of an irritated member of the Florida State board of trustees. Before this everything had been "deny", "deny", "no comment" or "we are very happy in this crappy conference under the direction of these morons."

This should not get Del Conte into any trouble at all, primarily because it is so obviously true and this stuff has been floating for a little more than one week.

Del Conte also appeared on The Double T radio show this morning and said he thinks the Big 12 needs to be a bit more patient in this latest round of expanion.

"From my standpoint of right now, I want to stay let's take our breath. We are in a position of strength. Let's not rush into anything. We know expansion has to happen. It may not be for a while. We are in the catbird seat right now. We don't need to rush it. You are excited all of these teams want into the Big 12 and two years ago it was going to disintegrate."

Click here to listen to part I of the interview.

Click here to listen to part II of the interview.

On behalf of so many of my media brethren hacks, thank you Mr. Del Conte and to Chris Level.


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DeLoss Dodds isn't conference commissioner.

The Big Mac Blog


Great first name. Thanks for your help, but I know that UT director of athletics DeLoss Dodds is not the Big 12 conference commissioner. It's a joke. And the truth.


I don't think anyone in the big12 wants to bring down the ACC. The safe thing for the big 12 is to expand to 12. The more I think about it I don't see the conference going beyond that. No need. In fact, I see FSU and either Miami or S. Florida or perhaps Louisville. In other words only one ACC team. Since a number of Big12 members were nearly on the receiving end of being homeless I think they will not want to put anyone else in that position. Besides adding two adds value and will increase revenue. I doubt that there is a net benefit for more than two.


Expansion will notnwork with only one acc school. You need at least 2 probably 3 so they can be in the same division and minimize their travel costs

Craig James Killed 5 Hookers While at SMU!

Besides Theo, we all know C.D.C is the future conference commissioner in waiting...


Theo is right. The Big 12 commissioner is Deloss Dodd's prison bitch.


Funniest stuff in College Football...
Really Deloss Dodds is Commissioner, wink, wink.
The Big 12 is dead.
4 Team NC Playoff in 2014, LSU, Alabama, Georgia & South Carolina.
Can I still get in on the Craig James Killed 5 Hookers rumor?
Why not expand to 120, the MW/CUSA could be one team in the Big 12.
The Big East expanded to hold down travel costs.
Notre Dame is not Catholic.


Who cares about expansion????? Expendables 2 is coming out!!!!!

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