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Poof! And she's done: Michelle Obama's brief appearance at the USOC Summit

Michelle-obama-306DALLAS - About 15 minutes after eating a plate full of deep fried calamri, and washing it down with a (Diet) Coke, it was very nice to hear from First Lady Michelle Obama on the importance of being active and eating healthy.

Mrs. Obama is here in at the Anatole & and the USOC media summit as a representative for the entire U.S. Olympic team, and for the Let's Move! program that confronts the issue of childhood obesity.

"I've never been introduced as an athlete. That's pretty cool," Mrs. Obama said after U.S. swimmer Natalie Coughlin introduced her.

This woman can really capture a room. In front of a full ballroom of reporters, and at least 30 news cameras and countless still photographers, Obama briefly spoke glowingly about Olympians as role models and the importance of being active.

"It's up to us (parents) to make sure they grow up healthy," she said. "All of (the Olympic athletes) will inspire a generation to get active and pursue whatever dreams they hold in their hearts."

She spoke for about five to seven minutes, did not take questions, and was gone. All of that security detail, the trained dogs, etc. and it was for about 10 minutes. She walked out of this room about five minutes ago, and is very likely halfway to D.C. by now.

Regardless ... Be in the same room with the First Lady? Check.

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