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Report says Deron Williams prefers Nets, Lakers & maybe Mavericks

13360This is not offical, New Jersey Nets guard Deron Williams hasn't signed anywhere, and I am too big (fluffy?) to say told you so but ... the reports keep surfacing that DWill is not coming to the Mavericks this offseason.

The Lakers are the new twist to this scenario. According to this report from Sports Illustrated, DWill is more tempted at the idea of going to the Lakers than he is the Mavericks. But his preference is to remain with the Brooklyn Nets, and build from there with guys like Brook Lopez and Gerald Wallace.

I have thought from Day 1 WIll was never coming to the Mavericks, which leaves this cap-clearing previous season left to look at guys like ... Steve Nash.

Maybe Michael Finley can come back.

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Mavs Fan

I love Nash but I thought the idea of bringing in some fresh talent was to get younger; not older.

Blame it on Rio

Cuban better do something soon. Dirk isn't getting any younger


You win with stars and co-stars in this league. Cuban has not added any around Dirk. He tore apart a title team to get cap room to try to do that for the first time. And, it looks like he is going to fail - again.

Might be time to finally get a top professional GM like the guys who actually can add stars have. LA, Miami, San Antonio, OKC.

No Name No Slogan

The first four words of this "article" says it all. Until Free agency officially begins, these kind of articles will show up daily to fill time. Yawn...

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