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Restaurant review: Antoine's Foods in Dallas

IMG_0801DALLAS - This restaurant located in a mostly industrial area on Harry Hines Blvd. caught my eye because of the aging signage, and the iron works over the windows. That's when you know a place has a chance to be special.

Antoine's Foods in Dallas has been around for more than 50 years, so think "institution". This is an old school lunch place that specializes in deli po boy sandwiches. No reserverations necessary. The help is very nice, the decor is basic, complete with an autographed picture from actor Martin Sheen, and President George W. Bush.

For about $5 you get a sandwhich, a drink and chips. That's livin'. 

IMG_0803Are the sandwiches good? Yes. There are a few pre-made options, but they will make-to-order anything you want. The bread is very white, sugary, and can dominate the meat a bit but ... it's five bucks. 

Antoine's beats a Pot Belly, a Subway or any other chain sandwich place. FULL DISCLOSURE - My preference is to always eat a non-chain establishment whenever possible.




Antoine's Foods
4234 Harry Hines Boulevard 
Dallas, Texas 75219
(214) 528-5291


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