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Restaurant review: Billy Miner's is back, complete with the hot dogs and gooey cheese

IMG_0744FORT WORTH - What you need to know about the return of Billy Miner's Saloon:

1. The giant vat of melted, processed cheese food is back.
2. The hot dogs taste the same.
3. The burgers are about the same, if not quite as big.

Everything else about the opening of Billy Miner's is minutiae. But, if you insist ...

The restaurant that closed about two years ago from its downtown location has re-opened in Fort Worth's North Side. It looks nearly identical to the previous location, only about 1/3 the size. This location had previously been Costa Azul.

The "new" Billy Miner's menu is the nearly the exact same as the old, with the exception of the steak and the catfish. Apparently there isn't quite enough kitchen space, yet.

The outdoor patio is fairly extensive, while the indoor seating isn't quite as plentiful but it's enough. There is a bar, too. Everything you remember about the old place is nearly the same at the new one, right down to the art work on the walls.

IMG_0745My priority was the hot dog, which features one of the greatest buns ever created - some buttery thing where calories jump onto your stomach.

The bin of free peanuts is back, as are the fries and everything else.

There are plenty of TVs to watch whatever game is on.

It may not have Fort Worth's best burger, but Billy Miner's needed to be back in Fort Worth.



Billy Miner's Saloon
1521 N. Main Street
Fort Worth, 76164




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