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Road trip to Tallahassee - Florida State may want in the Big 12, which means ...

510-Btpr84L._SL500_AA300_The brief geographical sanity that was the Big 12 was kicked to the curb once West Virginia joined, so adding Florida State makes about as much sense.

But conference realignment has nothing to do with academics, proximity or frequent flyer miles and everything to do with straight cash, homey.

Florida State is irate with the ACC's recent TV contract with ESPN, and is now flirting with the Big 12.

In an exclusive interview with, FSU board of trustees chair Andy Haggard verbally torched the ACC.

A Big 12 official told Yahoo Sports' Dan Wetzel the league would be crazy not to look at FSU.

Adding FSU would mean the Big 12 has an odd number, which means the league has to find another school (Miami? Louisville? South Florida? Oxford? Cambridge?), and puts a Big 12 football title game back on the table.

Haggard said the ACC TV contract is too basketball heavy, and furthers the perception the conference favors the schools in North Carolina.

460118149_99329f0678When directly asked about the possibility of joining the Big 12, Haggard said: "How do you not look into that option. On behalf of the Board of Trustees I can say that unanimously we would be in favor of seeing what the Big 12 might have to offer. We have to do what is in Florida State's best interest."

Whoops. A few hours after this interview was put online, FSU started to hear it. Obviously. FSU president Eric J. Barron issued this statement Saturday evening: 

"Florida State University regrets that misinformation about the provisions of the ACC contract has unnecessarily renewed the controversy and speculation about University's athletic conference alignment. Florida State respects the views of the Chair of its Board of Trustees that, of course, any university would examine options that would impact university academics, athletics or finances. At the same time, Florida State is not seeking an alternative to the ACC nor are we considering alternatives. Our current commitments remain strong."

Suuuuure they do.
So ... let's do the math here.

- Nebraska, Colorado, Texas A&M and Missouri all leave the Big 12 for more money. Sorry; those schools left for conferences that are more aligned with their academic standings.

In their place are TCU and West Virginia for sure. Now Florida State could join that would make the Big 12 look like:

Texas Tech
Oklahoma State
Kansas State
Iowa State
Florida State
West Virginia 



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Barry Baker

As a TCU and big 12 fan I would welcome whole heartily FSU and hopefully then Louisville into the Big 12.


Big 12 jokes...
TAMU moving to the SEC raised both conferneces IQ.
Now that the Big 12 has 3 Conference Champions do we get 3 teams in the BCS?
Is CJ why the Big 12 won't add SMU?
Is CJ why the Secret Service won't come to Dallas?
I know Texas is Big but now we have 2 Universities in the East?
How 'bout we jest go git ourselves our own Conference, The Texas Republic... UT, TT, TCU, SMU, NT, Baylor, Houston, Rice, UTEP, UTSA, Texas State & West Texas A&M.

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