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Terrell Owens + Dr. Phil = Another new low in TV history

Terrell-Owens-Dr.-PhilJust when it seemed former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Terrell Owens could not possibly sink any lower without hitting China, there was T.O. working through his problems with America's favorite shrink, Dr. Phil.

Seriously. Terrell Owens was a guest on the Dr. Phil show this afternon. This isn't a joke. Well, technically it is a joke but it's not.

Terrell was on the show to, "talk about his life and accusations of being a deadbeat dad, then comes to face with the mothers of his children."

Because most people elect to do that in front of TV camera, and a live studio audience. Actually, these days they usually do.

Among the guests T.O. was forced to chat with was, "Melanie" who "claims Terrell Owens owes her $20K in back child support."

Owens said he has four children with four different women.

Dr.-philThis was really not a comfortable to show to watch. His first wife, Kimber, claimed she has seen their 7-year-old daughter about 12 times and that Owens does not call. Owens said because of his unpredictable work schedule makes it hard, and that "Pretty much 90 percent of the time every time I've reached out it's been a bad time."

At one point Dr. Phil got his shot in when he said some of the women Owens was with should have taken better precautions.

This show got sad when Owens talked about his own father. Owens said that he didn't know who is father was until he was 10 or 12, and that his dad lived across the street.

Dr. Phil tried to put a happy twist to this show when he said it's not too late for Owens to get to know his children, and that his baby mommas will really regret it if they try to block such efforts.

The irony is that Owens is so now willing to take a hit in the public eye whereas when he played he would have rather eaten dog poop than go over the middle.

How Owens continues to take an absolute beating in the public eye and has so willingly become the butt of so many jokes is either impressive, or sad.


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George Glass

TO is a fool. This story is a sad one. Too many lives being affected here. I love TO stories but this is too much. It's a total mystery why he keeps punching himself in the face on TV.

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