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The Dallas Cowboys drafted the rare NFL breed - the white defensive back

Yrxknxpwihazffl9IRVING - Two things drive The Internet Machine: Pictures of girls, and race.

I made that up but it sounds good. In honor of columnist Jason Whitlock, here is some raw data I researched about the number of white dudes playing defensive back in the NFL.

There are no white cornerbacks in the NFL. You likely already knew that.
How many white dudes would you guess play safety in the NFL? 

a.) About 10
b.) About 15
c.) About 25 
d.) $1, Bob (This is a Price is Right joke)

If you said "C, about 25" you would be correct.

Because NFL rosters are not set, this number is reflective of depth charts that do not include many of the offseason changes teams made. A hard figure won't be known until Week 1 when 53-man rosters are finalized.

In the 2012 NFL draft, your Dallas Cowboys professional football team selected this rare breed in Eastern Washington safety Matt Johnson. The guy was an INT machine in college with 17 picks.

"There are a lot of guys, obviously, I'd try to pattern my game after - Ed Reed, obviously," Johnson said. "Troy Polamalu. I really didn't model my game after them but I admired them."

JlynchSince it is mathematically impossible not to compare and contrast one pro jock to another, it's always funny to hear how these debates also must be aligned by race as well.

Dirk Nowitzki isn't Scottie Pippen but Larry Bird.

Josh Hamilton is Mickey Mantle, not Willie Mays.

Steve Nash is Bob Cousy, not Jo Jo White.

This means Matt Johnson can't be Ed Reed; he must be a John Lynch type.

"I liked watching John Lynch, too. Jim Leonhard is another one," Johnson said. "I just studied the game and tried to pick up as many things from a lot of different players."

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