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The end: OKC Thunder close out the Dallas Mavericks, who now begin Deron Williams vigil

R620-4e8a907eb6c269f9e44c3ee6de6508e2DALLAS - The Dallas Mavericks won the 2011 NBA title because they closed out games better than any other team. They were kicked out of the 2012 playoffs because they could not close out a single game.

Oklahoma City Thunder 103
Dallas Mavericks 97

Thunder sweep 1st rd series, 4-0.

OKC guard James Harden finished with 87 points ... that's not true. It just felt like it. Harden actually scored 29, including a driving layup with 10 seconds remaining that gave the Thunder a five point lead. The Mavs were out-scored 35-16 in the fourth quarter.

I blame the refs. And Lamar Odom.

"We knew with this roster it was a long shot," Mavs guard Jason Terry said. "It wasn't our year. It just wasn't our time."

The Mavericks led by 13 points - their biggest lead of the series - going into the fourth quarter on Saturday night. For the third time in this series, the Thunder closed out a close game in the final minutes whereas the Mavs were unable to create plays, get stops, or make shots.

Too bad; this was not the way for Mavs guard Jason Terry to end his career with this team. He can be a free agent this summer, and it does not look like the Mavs will re-sign him.

For the third time in this series it was not a lack of effort that did the Mavs in. The Thunder were just better.

The Mavs enter an offseason that is all about Deron Williams.

If the Nets guard signs with the Mavs as a free agent this summer, this flushed 2011-'12 season is justified as money well spent. If D-Will remains in New Jersey, or signs with a team other than the Mavs, then what were we doing?

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I expected a better regular season. OKC has got the 'it' factor this year. We had it. We lost it. We need to get young fast and/or trade Dirk away for some big young talent.


Not sure that I follow how a guy whose absence propelled his former team (Utah) into the playoffs, and whose presence kept his team in the lottery in a weak Eastern Conference, is worth ditching the greatest center in Mavs history and the current NBA Defensive Player of the Year. Seems like bad logic to me.


who is deron williams again? A fluke championship only happens once. Go Spurs Go!


Those are the stupidest comments I have ever read. First of all the last thing the mavs want to do is trade dirk. That man has been the face of this franchise for his whole career and has brought a lot of success, including a championship, to Dallas. Deron Williams actually has had a spectacular career so far and just because the nets didn't make the playoffs doesn't make him someone the mavs shouldn't go after. The jazz are also the 8th seed in the west it inst like they are having overwhelming success without him. Lastly, there is no such thing as a fluke championship.I hope that was a joke asking who deron willams is. You guys call yourselves fans? It is people like you that frustrate me because of the ignorance.

Larry E.

JE is a moron


Even if they get him, Williams could never have the impact on this team that Chandler did last year and could have continued to do for the Mavs. His presence prevented exactly what Harden did all night long, get to the basket. The Mavs this year rarely could get a "Stop" when needed and it is because Chandler wasn't there to defend the middle. Williams won't be able to do that.

J Berry

I don't know what the cure for our Mavs is. We still have Dirk, a great coach, an owner committed to spending/winning, and a few good pieces. We have a shot. I'm jutst not sure what its going to take to make us a champion again.

Randell Raines

We have a good owner and a legit Hall of Famer. We just need a few more pieces. The West is tuff but we can compete. Don't be surprised if we are a top seed next year.

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