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The German Shepherd on Michelle Obama's defense team

PhotoDALLAS - Awaiting First Lady Michelle Obama's arrival to the USOC media summit I came across what is likely the meanest member of her personal security detail: A six-year-old German Shepherd named Rocky.

Rocky looks like an absolute bad a**. He should be in The Expendables 2. They may as well put a sign on Rocky that reads: "Don't mess with me. I'm not kidding".

He was panting quite a bit, and what teeth I could see they look as if they could make quick work of a bag of food, a rib eye, or my right leg.

This dog looks so cool he needs a pair of shades, and maybe a can of Skoal.

Rocky is a member of the U.S. department of defense, and is based out of Lackland Air Force base. I wonder if he can carry a shotgun or something really cool; maybe a rocket launcher.

According to his handler, Rocky has done some work in the Iraq (twice), Qatar and some other places. Dude has some serious frequent flyer miles.

It takes about two years to train these dogs, and then they can work for about seven years before it's time to retire.

There are plenty of secret service men and women here making sure nothing is going down, but clearly the most interesting member of the Obama defense team is Rocky.


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