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The reality: The Dallas Mavericks are really trying & it really doesn't matter

(Special thanks to my computer for crashing last night)

 Dm_120501_nba_mavs_thunderIf the Dallas Mavericks weren't trying you could easily bag on this team but effort isn't the problem.
And when effort is not the problem then there isn't much you can really do.

OKC 102
Mavericks 99

Thunder lead 2-0. Game 3 Thursday night in downtown Dallas. 

1. A great series, either way. Neither Game 1 or Game 2 featured any type of big lead, so no massive runs were required to keep these close going into the final five minutes. This has easily been the most compelling series of these NBA playoffs.

2. This from Mavs play by play man Mark Followill: "4 games in OKC this year, 4 times in the final minute the Mavs have led and 4 times the Thunder have won." This is what we call a trend.

3. Turnovers very late in the games have killed the Mavs both times. In Game 1, Dirk had a couple late. In Game 2, the Mavs led 97-96 with 1:51 remaining when Jason Kidd's pass was stolen by Kevin Durant.

4. Vince Carter had a dog game (2-of-9) but how he hit that one-handed, fadeaway jumper over a defender to give the Mavs a 97-96 lead with 2:17 remaining was incredible.

R620-dbb8eef87069eab5b8c8673a69e9cfab5. Brendan Haywood now owns the worst contract on the Mavs. He is a starting center in name only. He played 10 minutes and despite standing 7-feet tall managed to grab zero rebounds. He is managing to make Kendrick Perkins look great.
Mavs backup center Ian Mahinmi has more energy, and more upside than Haywood. Mahinmi finished with 9 points and 5 rebounds in 18 minutes.

5. Russell Westbrook version 20.12 is a lot better than Russell Westbrook 20.11. He's averaging 28.5 points on 52% shooting in this series. Mavs have no chance if that keeps up. Meanwhile, Durant is averaging 25.5 points but on 34% shooting. He is 15-of-44 in this series.



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Andy R.

I watched that entire game. It reminded me of last year when the Mav's meet the Heat in the Finals. Rick Carlisle is truley the straw that stirs that drink. He is an excellent coach. Excellent game coach. It makes me hopefull for next year. Give Rick and Dirk some youth and a few more pieces and this team will be back to competing for a Championship.

Stan Paxton

Mavs look good but OKC is the team of today. Too young. Too fresh. Too fast. Too Furious. We need to get young soon.

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