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Trader Joe's in Fort Worth: Worth the hype?

PhotoFORT WORTH - We are a little less than one month away from Trader Joe's opening in Fort Worth, down the street from a Tom Thumb and not too far from Central Market. Both of those chains have to be thrilled.

Click here for Trader Joe's website. Located at 2711 South Hulen Street in Fort Worth, it is scheduled to open June 15; this will be the third store in the greater FW-d.

The arrival of In and Out Burger last year was more exciting, but a Trader Joe's in F-Dub is regarded as an essential to any city. The Trader Joe's stamp of approval is nice. 

What was at one time a quaint little store out of Los Angeles has become a nationwide monster that carries a smaller line of its own products that are enviro-friendly.

Is it worth the hype? No, but nothing is ... save for The Expendables 2.

Some of the food, wines and coffees offered at Trader Joe's are worth a seperate trip, but I can't envision completing a week's worth of grocery shopping here, unless one of my hobbies was burning giant piles of cash. 


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Trader Joe's and In-n-out are basic food groups in California. No surprise I suppose.

Lucia Colon

No problem, you two stay home and let us CA expats enjoy our fantastic, beloved Trader Joe's.


Burning a lot of cash?? You must not have shopped at Sprouts or Kroggers then. You can get more food at a better quality then almost any store around here! Not only that but I have a family of 4 and I can do almost all my shopping at Trader Joes with all there great products with all natural ingredients. I only have to get a few things else where, but I'm sure you normally shop at least at 2 stores anyway in a 2 week period, which is all you really need. Fresh food at a great price... Why even knock it, enjoy it!! I can't wait to have one near by so when I visit my family I don't have to pack extra bags just to bring all the stuff home!!!


Thought you were opening the end of May. Have to leave town June 13th so will miss you. How disapointing!


Having a Trader Joe's come to Texas is amazing! Now I don't have to have friends send me their products! Texas you don't know what you have been missing!


Mac, try Trader Joe's for a couple of months then tell us what you think. In their case, tasting is believing.


It's worth the hype, especially when diversity lacks in the empty heart of Texas. It will catch on as the go to store.

Yvonne Thompson

It worth the hype and MORE. Being a CA ex pat, it is the one thing I miss most. I moved to TN before coming to TX and drove 120 miles to Nashville, one way, to shop at Trader Joe's as it was the closest to my small town. Trader Joe's is not Central Market, Whole Foods or Sprouts when it comes to prices. You CAN do all your shopping there if you like eating well and right.


TJs is awesome. I'm a Texas gal and just got back from Boston visiting a friend. There are TJs there which I visited. The products there have greater quality and value than Kroger or Central Market. I am so glad that just 10 days after getting back from Boston that TJs is coming to me! Their hummus, pot stickers and chocolate bars are delicious!

Kara Henderson

Cannot tell you how excited I am that Trader Joe's is coming to TX. Lived in CA for two years and one of the things I miss most about CA is TJ's!!!! I'll be there opening day!!!

Angela Rambo

I am glad you have opened a store in
Fort Worth.


Not worth it? Burning piles of cash? Have you ever been there? This place is AWESOME, I've been counting down the days!!


i am thrilled it is about time .They carry great products under their label for a great price. piles of money is only needed at central,kroeger and market street. I will make the trip once a week it is worth it! My friends from Calif no longer have to bring me the goodies .

Finding Fort Worth

Our thoughts and answer to your question here:

We love TJ's!

Thanks for the post!


well worth it! i have to bootleg their products (especially two buck chuck) about once a year. been trying to recommend denton as a location for 4 years, but to no success.

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