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Uh-oh: Craig James' senate run appears dead, which means he may be coming back to TV

CraigJames1CMS_jpg_800x1000_q100From the Nobody Could See This One Coming is the latest news that former ESPN analyst turned U.S. Senate hopeful Craig James appears just about done in his bid to put Americans on "Real Street".

According to polling, this report from the National Journal says that of the five Republican candidates running for the U.S. Senate seat in Texas, Good Haired James has a mere two percent.

In a word - that sucks.

The polling goes:
David Dewhurst 51 %
Ted Cruz 16 %
Tom Leppert 7%
Craig James 2%
Glenn Addison less than 1% 

The primary is scheduled for May 29, so James still has time to win what should be his rightful seat to the U.S. Senate after years of preparing for this position ... talking about college football for a living.

When this campaign ends what does James do:
a.) Open a gas station in Lubbock?
b.) Does ESPN re-hire James to return to his role as a divisive analyst that people loved to hate? 
c.) Join another network where he can get under people's skin?
d.) Take a different run at politics?
e.) Write a bio titled, "How Craig James Killed Five Hookers & Got Away with It"; click here for a link to this internet sensation story, and former Texas Tech coach Mike Leach having fun with it.

As much as James' departure from politics that lasted a solid 25 minutes, expect him to return to the public spotlight very soon.

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How did the poster boy for corruption in college football come to the belief that the people of Texas would vote him into political office?

Craig James Killed 5 Hookers While at SMU!

Come on people, CJK5H is no longer the first Google auto fill! let's all do our part.

Craig James Killed 5 Hookers While at SMU!

Oh, Craig James Killed Five Hookers While at SMU!

"The" OSU

Craig James killed 5 hookers at SMU. He still won't talk about it... Those little boys' parents deserve answers!

Urban Meyer

It is a tragedy that Craig James killed 5 hookers while at SMU and took blood money and trans am convertibles to bring down their football team. Craig James killed five hookers and dumped their corpses in the Trinity river. He is a terrible commentator and human being and his son is a real piece of garbage.


Wow! How did he even get 2%?

Absolom Welch

You've got to love a nincompoop of this magnitude. He is immune to an insult, doesn't realize that people hate him, and seems to be running with absolutely no platform other than his pseudo-boy scout intentions. His sound bites are even nincompoopish "apartment boy" "never right to do wrong" "real street". Oh my God, I think someone was messing with him when they advised that he should run for office.


Naw, Craig James killed 5 hookers isn't right. He just killed 3 hookers and two college football programs while being perceived by an idiotic sub-set (apparently about 2 percent of the population who can't chew gum and walk at the same time) as innocent and virtuous.

That there are 2% among us that are that stupid and gullible is bad. That 100% of Texas Tech's administration is is worse.

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