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Video: A TCU student worth listening to

FULL DISCLOSURE: When I told TCU senior Brett Musslewhite he should sing to my class on Wednesday night I fully expected him to suck. So much so that when he briefly left the room to retrieve his guitar I instructed the rest of his classmates that we were going to applaud wildly when he was done with his tune.

It turns out there was no need to tell anyone to cheer or applaud as we would have anyway. Brett's got some chops. In front of 22 people in a pretty intimate setting, Brett belted out this cover of "I'm Yours" by Jason Mroz:



Brett graduates in a few weeks, is looking for gigs, and if you are interested ...

Twitter: @brettmussle
YouTube channel:


Facebook Mac Engel



Nice article. Good tune. I like the idea of using your blog to promote local talent and interests. Its all good.

Kris Miller

Not bad. I like the song. He did a decent job with it. Cool use of the video segments although if you would have included Galloway it would have been even better.

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