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Video: Big Mac & Galloway open both barrels on the smartest guy in the room - Mark Cuban




For Dirk's whole career, save one improbable year where Jason Terry played hot for 16 games in the playoffs, Dirk has been the only top superstar of his generation that year after year had to play on a one star team because his mgmt (Cuban and his committee of yes men) were unable or unwilling to add stars like other superstars were given. Kobe to Shaq, Parker and Gino to Duncan. Shaq to Wade. Garnett to Pierce. Gasol to Kobe. Odom to Kobe. Bynum to Kobe. Lebron to Wade. Bosh to Wade. Just to name a few.

Who did Cuban give Dirk? Dampier. KVH. LaFrentz. Josh Howard. Devin Harris. The Jason Terry who averaged a 17 in the playoffs, not co-star level 20+. JJB. And, two nice complimentary players that everyone knew where past their primes and couldn't be "star" level producers through the long grind of an NBA title run, Kidd and Marion. And neither one of them ever put up a 20+ PER in the playoffs once they got here.

So, yeah, its loooooong past time for Cuban to deliver the big add he has been promising Dirk and the Mavs fans every draft, every free agent period, every trade deadline since he got here 12 years ago.

But, now that dirk is at the stage where he needs to be a complimentary player, not No. 1 guy on the team, Cuban needs to add a superstar. Since he couldn't add any stars in 12 years, why would anyone expect him to be able to add legit in their primes superstars?!

Mike T.

Great segment. Galloway and you have a good thing. Really funny.

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