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Video: Former Texas star Dexter Pittman should be suspended 7 games, at least

The Miami Heat's series against the Indiana Pacers has been great theater, offering everything from gags, great shots, brilliant passes, trash talking and a large amount of brutal hits.

In the Heat's blowout Game 5 win against the Pacers on Tuesday night, things really got out of hand with the Pacers' Tyler Hansbrough and the Heat's Udonis Haslem both receiving technical fouls for nasty hits. But former Texas center Dexter Pittman wins the Stupid prize for making absolutely no attempt to do anything other than hurt a player when he popped Pacers reserve Lance Stephenson.

With less than one minute remaining, Stephenson was going for an offensive rebound when Pittman threw his left arm that caught Stephenson in the throat. Only by luck was Stephenson not seriously hurt.

Pittman was a nice player at UT, known more for his weight and weight loss. Now he's an NBA spare who barely plays. This was his way of getting at Stephenson for his "choke" gesture he made towards LeBron James earlier in this series.

The sad part is LeBron very likely doesn't even know who Dexter Pittman is.


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Finally The Big Mac Blog is giving up some ink for Pacers-Heat series.

Haslem and Pittman both deserve to be tossed out for at least one game.

Pittman would be no big loss but Haslem would pinch a little bit.


This was a bounty put on Stephenson by LeBron. LeBron couldn't/wouldn't get his hands dirty and that's why it's the bottom roster guys "duty" to do the dirty work.

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