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Video: It is so on - Chuck Norris in the new Expendables 2 trailer

The-expendables-2-american-news-and-movieNext to the Dark Knight Rises, the latest installment of The Expendables should finish near the top of all of the major 2012 Academy Award nominee lists.

As stupid as The Expendables was, The Expendables 2 figures to be even worse. But I am so there on August 17th when it opens with the rest of my aging nerd friends who can't figure out why Hollywood can't produce a good action movie. My opinion? Just remake Sharkey's Machine, Stick and some of those truly awful Burt Reynold's flicks.

In lieu of that dream world, this movie has me pumped. Why? 

Bruce Willis
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Let Li
Sylvester Stallone
Jean-Claude Van Damme
Charisma Carpenter
Dolph Lundgreen
Randy Couture
Terry Crews
Jason Statham 

This from Chuck "If you spell Chuck Norris in Scrabble you win ... forever" 

Every cool, bad actor from 20 years ago is back trying to cash one more check; this cast is going to be so loaded with steroids and performance enhancing drugs the movie may be confused for a Major League Baseball game.

The plot? Who cares? I'm already excited for Expendables 3.



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I can't wait till this movie comes out!!!


This movie and the next Rambo look amazing!!!!!!!!!!! CAN'T WAIT!!

Johhny King

Chuck Norris all the way!!! Can't wait EX2


This movie is going to be bigger than Chuck Norris's hair piece!


I'm still laughing about the last line in your article... "I'm already excited to see Expendables 3"

Not Kidding

I can't wait for Expendables 2 & 3. And the spinoffs are going to be AWESOME!


If you were smart, you would blog about ExP2 and nothing else.

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