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You can't spell new Olympic wear without g-o-u-g-e

RlclosingDALLAS - The Olympics is not only a showcase for athletes we otherwise would never hear about or watch, but the perfect time for manufacturers to release new gadgets, toys and clothes we can all own in our feeble attempt to at least dress like an Olympian.

Here at the USOC Olympic summit both Nike and Ralph Lauren are displaying some of their respective new releases for the 2012 Games in London.

Ralph Lauren is the official something or other of the U.S. Olympic team, and provides roughly 1,000 outfits for the athletes and coaches for the Opening and Closing ceremonies. These outfits pictured are for the closing ceremonies.

Ralph Lauren is not exactly your average Wal Mart line, so dressing like an Olympic athlete isn't cheap.

A bucket hat runs $55.
A pair of shorts is $110.
A fleece is $165.

It appears as if the cheapest thing is a pin for $10.

All of these threads are high end and stylish.

ShortsBut ... I want to meet the guy who wears a sport coat with a pair of shorts. With a V-neck sweater. And a tie.

If you are itching to start shopping for Father's Day, click here.

My suggestion? Look for the knock offs.


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