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Your move Jerry; Houston is going for another Super Bowl

120202-janet-jackson.380The bruises and black eyes from North Texas' first attempt at hosting a Super Bowl should be about faded, so it may time for the powers that be to meet with Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones about trying for another Super Bowl bid.

According to this report in The Houston Chronicle, the city of Houston, the Texans and Harris County are going for it again. Houston wants the 2017 Super Bowl.

The last time Reliant Stadium hosted a Super Bowl was 2004, when Janet Jackson had her wardrobe malfunction.

According to this story, Houston is planning to do something with the Astrodome, which still sits idle across the way from Reliant Stadium. That facility would likely be used in conjunction with Reliant Stadium.

Reliant_superbowlThe last time Houston had this event everything went fine, but Houston's problems are the same as North Texas - too spread out, you need a car to get from your hotel bedroom to your hotel bathroom. That's just Houston.

Houston has bid for other Super Bowls but missed. 

As much of a fiasco as the first Cowboys Stadium Super Bowl experience was, you would think the NFL would never again return to Arlington, Texas again. Given the 100,000 seat potential of Cowboys Stadium, and the power Jerry wields within the NFL, chances are good the Super Bowl will come back one day. 

Now that Houston is going for one, the time is coming for FW/d to try again soon.

Future Super Bowl sites are:
2013: New Orleans
2014: New York/New Jersey
2015: Glendale/Phoenix 

No date has been set by the NFL when it may award the Super Bowl for 2016.


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Where was Indianapolis on your list?!??? Indy hosted one of the finest Super Bowls The League has ever seen. You can walk every where, nice people, gorgeous stadium, and you can count on the weather being in the mid 60's like it was this past year.

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