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A few hours after I'll Have Another goes for history, boxing opts for more of the same

ImagesThere was that time, long since forgotten and now ocassionally lionzed by Hollywood in a time piece, when horse racing and boxing were the focal point of the American sporting scene.

That's been ... a good 30 years ago. At least.

On Saturday horse racing will be nationally prominent again when I'll Have Another goes for the Triple Crown at the Belmont in New York. If he wins he would be the first horse in more than 30 years to achieve this impossible task, and give an entire generation of sports fans a horse it can remember.

This is a race even the most disinterested sports fan will  watch. People are drawn to history.

A few hours later, and several time zones apart, boxing will hold yet another prize fight. What could have been a historical night and the chance for boxing to return to national prominence instead is just another over-priced fight only a boxing enthusiast could love.

MK-BS489_SP_FEA_G_20120226172331This should have been the night Manny Pacquiao fought Floyd "Thief" Mayweather. Instead, we get Manny Pacquiao vs. Timothy "Desert Storm" Bradley.

Fight expert Larry Merchant has said Bradley may be knocked out cold. How fun for the ticket paying customer.

So why spend the $55 to pay for this fight? Because at some point Mayweather or Pacquiao will lose. 

In early May, Mayweather won a decision against Miguel Cotto in a fight that went the distance and, apparently, was exciting.

As someone who wants a reason to watch boxing, I have accepted that a real opponent will not defeat either of these men. Instead, Mayweather or Pacquiao will eventually be defeated by Age, Indifference, or Hubris.

The only real opponent left for him Pacman to fight is Mayweather. It appears as if the management teams of both fighters are determined for this fight to never happen, so this is what we get.

It's too bad. I eagerly look forward to watching I'll Have Another go for American sports history yet am having a hard time justifying the $55 to watch a fight that history will easily forget.


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