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A great story: Texas Rangers' closer Joe Nathan's Stony Brook Seawolves are in the College World Series

NCAA Stony Brook LSU Baseball .JPEG-0e64fThis is when you know you have given a decent amount of money to your alma mater: the Stony Brook University baseball team plays its home games at Joe Nathan Field. Turns out a $500,000 donation can buy you a decent baseball stadium, which seats about 1,000, complete with your own name on it.

The Texas Rangers' closer is like a proud papa after watching his alma mater pull a Butler and reach the College World Series. Stony Brook defeated LSU to go to Omaha.

"I was able to watch the game very closely. Not just myself the whole Rangers' team (on the team plane)," Nathan said on a conference call late this afternoon; the Rangers' team plane had DirecTV, and was able to watch Sunday's game on their flight back from San Francisco.

In the College World Series is Arizona, UCLA, Florida, Florida State, South Carolina and Stony Brook. Yeeeaaaah .... one one of those looks a little out of place.

1Stony Brook is located on Long Island Sound, between New York City and Montauk at the very edge of the island. The Seawolves weren't a Division I athletic institution until 1999.

"I think Stony Brook's whole attendance for the season was 5,800. LSU averaged 10,000 per game. That gives you an example of what these kids were coming into," Nathan said. "To go out there and not let them affect them, and just kept moving forward. It shows you how strong these kids are. I don't want to call it an upset, though. They led the nation in hitting, and in wins." I felt they could come in and do something special. 


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