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Adam Sandler's haircut in his new movie is based on the Dallas Cowboys' defensive coordinator

THATS MY BOY RR STILL 2Adam Sandler's new movie That's My Boy co-starring fellow SNLer Andy Samberg opens in theaters on Friday. In the movie New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan has a small part as - not kidding - Jim Nance. 

Ryan and Sandler participated in a conference call with a small group of sports writers on Wednesday afternoon. Ryan said this is a guy's movie that guys will like. Translation - I'm expecting raunch.

"You're brother is going to like (the movie), I guarantee it," Sandler said of Dallas Cowboys defensive coordinator Rob Ryan.

"There is no doubt. Now he is going to be jealous beyond belief," Rex said. "Not that I would ever rub it in his face. What's next for me? I did a movie. What am I going to do now - write a novel? Singing, I don't know. I don't want to make that guarantee."

Cowboys-Rob-Ryan-I-have-great-confidence-J38V97O-x-largeSandler said of Rob Ryan, "You're brother, you can tell him this, some of my hairdo is modeled after his."

I don't really see it, but when Rob Ryan's hair is a bit shorter ... maybe. Who cares? Go with it.

On the call both Ryan and Sandler practically tripped over each other's compliments. 

Rex Ryan: Adam would improvise. I'd be practicing a line 100 times, and you're suppoesed to say this. It was a different kind of challenge, but Adam made it really easy.

Adam Sandler: Coach, for the record, I wasn't improvising. I didn't know my lines.

Apparently in the film Ryan idolizes Patriots head coach Bill Belichik. To "talk about" Belichik in the film Ryan asked for permission, which given the good-natured humor was easily granted.

"Belichik told my brother, 'I can't believe has has a bobblehead on his desk (in the movie)," Rex Ryan said.

That's My Boy is not necessarily another sports movie for Sandler like Happy Gilmore or The Longest Yard, but it does allow Sandler to include sports personalities.

"That's what I wanted to be was some sort of athlete. And my father reminded me I ran the 40 in about a 7.7, so it wasn't going to happen," he said. "It was just a fantasy of mine to get to pretend I'm a great athlete. That's why I make sports movies and try to be good in them."

Also of note, Vanilla Ice has a small role in this film. Vanilla Ice. Still around.

(Quick story - when a friend of mine was graduating from Cornell he and his frat brothers were throwing a senior party. They hired Vanilla Ice to play. He apparently charged about $5,000, but an additional $2,000, or so, for his old stuff. Ice Ice Baby wasn't a seperate package.)

Apparently during the filming of this movie, he would break out into song and dance. But no Ice Ice Baby.

"A thousand percent (he sang and danced)," Sandler said. "He never sang his own tunes, but he sang a lot of Poision. He did it out of left field. We were shooting on the streets of Boston and he would be in a crowd singing to them. The guy is definitely a people person."

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