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All in: The Amazing Spider-Man has it

Emma-Stone-SpidermanI was very late to this, mostly because I enjoyed the "original" Spiderman in 2002 with Tobey Maguire and Kirsten "I have unintentionally retired" Dunst. It seemed very true to the comic book.

But this new version of Spiderman looks equally cool, yet a lot darker. This has the makings of a Batman Begins, which was a very dark take on The Dark Knight.

(Speaking of remakes, aren't we due for another Hulk movie here pretty soon?)

Andrew Garfield is Peter Parker, and Emma Stone is a major upgrade as Gwen Stacy.

The addition of The Lizard as the primary villain is a major score.

This opens July 3. I'm in ...




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Dr. Victor Von Doom

I like Spider-Man but it looks like too much CG. You are right, Emma Stone is a major up grade.

The addition of the Lizard sounds like the best part. Can't wait to see the Lizard!!!

Gary Bennett

A lot of old time Spider-Man fans were never reconciled to the arbitrary killing off of Gwen Stacey, Peter Parker's true soul mate, in the early 1970s (probably the only major comic book character ever killed off and never resurrected, other than in origin stories); but at least the comics universe never tried to pretend that she had never existed. The frightening thing about the first three movies, for all their virtues, was that they simply ret-conned Gwen out of existence. Setting the romance(s) in high school rather than college (Peter met both women only after he entered college) is a relatively acceptable alteration by comparison.

And yes we all know that any story that includes Gwen will ultimately kill her off again (along with her father), but that'll be water over the bridge when we burn it.

The Stingers

Do whatever you want. I love Spidey. Can't wait to see this movie

Reggie from Fort Worth

Lame. Lame. Lame. Who cares?!?!!! I'm sick to death of super hero movies. Can't Hollywood produce something original????

Gary Bennett

Reggie, I feel the same way about cops'n'robbers movies. I guess they can't please both of us.

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