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An NBA free agency loophole: A website dedicated to recruiting Deron Williams to the Dallas Mavericks

DeronwilliamsNot that tampering with potential free agents happens in the NBA (cough-cough ... Dwyane Wade, LeBron James, Chris Bosh), but social media and the power of the people have exploited a loophole in the pursuit of basketball's biggest names.

We are less than one month away from the Dallas Mavericks beginning their official pursuit of Brooklyn Nets guard Deron Williams, but a fan has created this very nice site dedicated to recruiting D-Will.

I say official because this pursuit unofficially began back in December when they gutted their title-winning roster.

This very nice, and official looking, site has no direct affiliation with the Mavericks.

The site's mission is: "Darin’ for Deron was created by Dallas Mavericks fans to convince free agent Deron Williams to come back home to Texas and sign with the Mavericks."

My gut tells me a giant truck load of cash is going to trump a very well-intentioned website by passionate fans, but ... who knows? Can't hurt.

Follow them on Twitter @DarinForDeron

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Darin' for Deron

Thanks Mac for the coverage. We know the saying "Cash is King" but there are a lot of good signs for us Dallas Mavericks fans. DWill recently said Dallas is his favorite place to play, he has lots of family and friends in the area, and Mark Cuban usually gets what he wants.



I wonder if the official Brooklyn Nets twitter following the NoSleepTilDeron twitter counts as affiliation and tampering... following shows your support :)


It's not tampering if he's on your team already.

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